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Over the past 10 years, Southern Concepts has developed a one-of-a-kind property called Duck Bottom. Hundreds of properties were carefully evaluated and many relationships with private land owners were formed before we found this unique property rich in history. The property is a spacious 1,500 acres along 3.5 miles of the Wateree River located in Horatio, South Carolina near the charming town of Camden. The property is a mix of beautifully managed pine forests, lowlands, swamp, ponds, mixed grasses, fields, and wildlife food plots. Duck Bottom has established itself as a very popular, private recreational property known for its exclusivity and well balanced offerings for family and guests, corporate retreats, and sporting activities. It is truly a sanctuary for families and
entertaining clients and friends.

All About

Duck Bottom

Our primary goal is to preserve the natural beauty of the property and to protect it from future development with a conservation easement. The lodging on the property is luxuriously rustic with a very comfortable main house and outbuildings. Duck Bottom features an award-winning food and beverage program. The property offers well-rounded activities such as shooting, a wide array of hunting, fishing, river recreation, nature enjoyment, outdoor activities, culinary classes, and wellness amenities. We take a leadership role in the conservation of South Carolina’s magnificent wet lands all while successfully creating one of the most unique private clubs around.

Inside the

Property History

The history behind South Carolina unravels the beginning of this country and Duck Bottom sits in the midst of it all.  From the American Revolution to the Civil War, the property is filled with untold secrets of older times.  As you stroll through these mystical grounds, you’re forced to humbly pause and breathe in all the life that left their footprints before you.

Duck Bottom


With roughly 1,500 acres to explore and enjoy, we have identified several intriguing aspects here that must not be overlooked. From the exquisite front entrance all the way to the edge of the north end of the property, there are about 27 miles of manicured roads and trails filled with excitement at each turn and bend. 

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For Every Family Member

Catered attractions at Duck Bottom focus on the natural landscape with options for outdoor activities, relaxing with spa-treatments, or organizing focused working groups in a unique environment. A trip to Duck Bottom would be incomplete without fine dining and drinks prepared by the Southern Concepts chefs.


Learn About Becoming an Owner at Duck Bottom


Learn About Becoming an Owner at Duck Bottom

OUR Amenities at DUCK BOTTOM

Comforts of Home

Nestled on the historic Wateree riverfront, Duck Bottom is home to endless outdoor activities, relaxing spa experiences, luxury suites, fine dining and more. Designed by Kathleen Rivers, the elegant interior mirrors the rustic beauty of the grounds on which it sits.

Luxury Lodging

The lodge is a unique blend of rustic reconditioned wood and beams brought together with antique English country furnishings that are hallmark qualities of Kathleen Rivers Interiors. With eight luxurious suites, a comfortable living room with stone fireplace, owner lockers, dining and entertainment areas, wide porches and an outdoor pavilion…incomparable comfort surrounded by understated elegance and charm is ensured.