Make An Investment

For the Whole Family

The most important aspect of ownership at Duck Bottom is that when you are in residence, you’ll have the entire property to yourself. Your time here is completely yours and is to be enjoyed however you’d like. With a total of just 8 owners, the exclusivity of Duck Bottom is unique in the Private Outdoor Club market. Ownership at Duck Bottom is like owning a property yourself but with fewer expenses, and far more amenities, services, benefits, and fun. During your stay at Duck Bottom you’ll have all of the services and amenities of Southern Concepts including; concierge services, master guides, and on-property dining prepared by the Southern Concepts chef, at your fingertips. Duck Bottom and Southern Concepts has created an environment that allows each owner to decide for themselves how they want to spend their vacation. Whatever you choose, we are here to assist. As an owner of Duck Bottom, you are purchasing an undivided, deeded interest in all of the property’s lodging, outbuildings, land, and all common areas. Just like any other property, the residential interest is a real estate asset that can be mortgaged, gifted, or resold. You can use the property as often as you like, subject to availability. With such flexibility and so much to offer, Duck Bottom presents a unique opportunity to own property in South Carolina’s beautiful countryside.


Your Family's

Exclusive Escape

The Southern Concepts team has created an atmosphere at Duck Bottom where families spend time together, relationships grow, lifetime memories are made, traditions take root, and outdoor activities are enjoyed at their very best.

Why Own With Us?

The Benefits of Ownership

Enjoy A Slower Pace

As much of life demands so much of our time, Southern Concepts exists to help entertain your family, friends, or clients in a stress free, slower paced environment. Helping you achieve your end goal by breaking everyday barriers and creating lasting memories and unforgettable experiences through basic, Southern living.

Exceptional Service

Driven by passion and the love to serve others, the Southern Concepts team is bringing the heart back into hospitality. Exposing the rare and authentic moments in life and capturing those experiences in unforgettable settings through owner tailored preferences is where our standard begins.

Grow with Us

Enjoy more than just one property. As future properties are developed and managed, additional opportunities will be available through each destination, providing a unified Southern Concepts experience in diverse and unique environments.

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