What is Southern Concepts?

Southern Concepts is the developer and staffing company of boutique, private outdoor clubs and sporting properties located in the some of the countryside’s most sought after destinations. By creating exclusive and unique outdoor recreational properties, the company is gaining an unrivaled reputation for delivering refreshingly innovative and conservation-based development to the private outdoor club industry. Southern Concepts’ properties are located near established destinations, then carefully selected and lightly developed to ensure the most enjoyable experience. They are built to reflect the lifestyle of their local region with just the right balance between rustic and comfort, all with superior quality throughout.

The Experience

The Southern Concepts experience is that of a home, for these properties are the homes of our owners. Atmospheres where families spend time together, friendships grow, lifetime memories are made, traditions take root, and outdoor adventures are enjoyed at their very best. To make the experience even better, Southern Concepts offers one-of-a-kind service from its staff; it is the quality of our company’s people and their commitment to service that makes our properties unmatched. In addition, added benefits such as unrivaled amenities, brand and travel partnerships, and reciprocity among all Southern Concepts properties make ownership in these properties unique.

The Culture

Every property has a style, philosophy, and personality that sets it apart from others. This collection of ideas and beliefs is known as our culture. Those characteristics define and distinguish our club from its competition and drives our success. At Southern Concepts, each and every staff member adds value and contributes to the owners’ experience. We believe that each team member is critically important to the success of our club and we create an environment with the opportunity to achieve top results. We firmly believe that the hospitality provided by the Southern Concepts’ staff is the most important asset and is the only asset that truly separates these properties from its competition.

Become part of the


Driven by passion and the love to serve others, the Southern Concepts team is bringing the heart back into hospitality.  Exposing the rare and authentic moments in life is what sets us apart and capturing those experiences in unforgettable settings ensures memories that will last forever.  We realize this life is treasured and specialize in surfacing the best it has to offer in the most unique ways. 

MEET The Executive Team

Managing & Appreciating Luxury Properties

Eddie Street
As the Founder and President of Southern Concepts, Mr. Street has a rare talent for exposing the uniqueness and qualities of life that are all too often overlooked. He’s quickly becoming the industry leader at designing unforgettable experiences in some of the most sought after locations throughout the southeast.


Bret Pettus
As Vice President of Operations, Bret focuses on capturing clients’ dreams and bringing them to life. Whether it’s a single experience or an entire resort, the Southern Concepts team of dedicated professionals has the expertise to develop and manage any desired location at a level unrivaled in the outdoor industry.


Mollie Oswald
As Director of Business Development, Mollie’s passion is to create lasting relationships with both new and existing owners, delivering Southern Concepts’ servant hearted and owner satisfaction approach throughout all experiences and business endeavors.  With a focus on perfection and an eye for detail, Mollie transforms each aspect of the ownership experience into reality.